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The DELTA machines present a solid internal structure that greatly facilitates both maintenance and specialist intervention, thanks to its characteristic design of four independent columns. The elastic shower system, patented by ITV, prevents limescale. The frontal in-out system guarantees perfect ventilation. 
The DELTA range incorporates a control panel (at the top, to facilitate access) that houses two separate thermostats to precisely regulate both the production time and the amount of ice stored. A cleaning switch allows water to circulate without any need to connect the cooling, which enables perfect system cleaning.

The PULSAR range is the Rolls-Royce of ice machines.  The turbine system, patented and applied exclusively by ITV, makes them unique in the world. Without pumps or injectors or electronics, its revolutionary propulsion system permanently removes the effects of water's limescale on the machine. The AISI304 stainless steel body, combined with bronze color anodized aluminum, make the PULSAR range the paradigm of design and robustness.
The testing of production and the tasks of cleaning and maintenance are much more simple due to the absence of showers
and sprinklers, water pumps or water seals.

The SUPER STAR range responds to the demand of large-sized cubes, especially in the Night Club market. With this objective, the SUPER STAR machines base their productivity on simple and agile maintenance (structure of four autonomous columns), anti-limescale system (elastic shower) and frontal ventilation. To accurately control the production, two separate thermostats help regulate both the production time and the amount of ice stored. A cleaning switch allows water to circulate without the need to connect the cold, which facilitates perfect system cleaning.

Quick to produce cubes that cool the drink at full speed (in seconds the drink is cold). The SPIKA ITV range responds to the needs of fast-food establishments with machines ideal for large consumption of ice. The dual Energy Star and ARHI certification guarantees maximum energy efficiency. A special switch enables easy and rapid cleaning. SPIKA machines are presented in under the counter versions (New Generation technology), or in modules with the option of stacking them and duplicating production in the same space.

Designed to produce the perfect, elegant cube par excellence, the range of GALA machines incorporates all of the technological advances of ITV-Ice Makers. The result is a piece of ice that is served in the vast majority of quality establishments in the West. GALA machines have a solid internal structure that enables both maintenance and specialist intervention, thanks to its solid structure of four independent columns. The elastic shower system, patented by ITV, prevents limescale problems.

The design of the ALFA machines seeks a compromise between the volume and the number of pieces of ice. The result is a cube with straight edges that increases productivity (more cubes per cycle) and optimizes storage. ALFA machines achieve, therefore, the best relationship between production and cost. The elastic shower system, patented by ITV, prevents limescale problems. The frontal in-out system guarantees perfect ventilation. In order to accurately control the production, separate thermostats help regulate both the production time and the amount of ice stored.

Designed to produce ice in the most adverse conditions of water quality and in the least suitable sites, the QUASAR machines have an average life span of 18 years. The palette system makes electronics and water filters unnecessary. It produces a semi-hollow cube whose characteristic shape is compensated for, in order to achieve productive balance. The QUASAR machines are “tropicalized,” so that they can operate in countries with very high average temperatures. And thanks to the absence of thermostats, the QUASAR range also operates at very low temperatures.

The ICE QUEEN series produces ice diced or granular ice, while benefiting from its vertical cylindrical evaporator and high resistance spindle. In addition to its traditional uses in the food and health sectors, granular ice has been keenly incorporated into other activities such as spas and therapeutic treatments. ICE QUEEN machines can produce two types of ice: DIAMOND ICE OR DRY GRANULAR ICE, models IQ50C and IQ85C, specially designed for cocktails. The ideal type of ice for the latest trend in international hospitality: cocktails! WET GRANULAR ICE, produced by all of the other machines in the the ICE QUEEN range.

The SCALA machine, which produces flat flakes that are very cold and dry, in large-scale production, is the most compact on the market. Simplicity, functionality and competitiveness sustain its recognised prestige in the world of cold production equipment. Its construction with non-corrosive, lightweight and high strength materials ensures durability and ease of maintenance. The machine is designed to reduce maintenance operations, guaranteeing its useful life and extending its longevity. All of ITV’s experience in the world of refrigeration and ice applied to the design of the SCALA for use in more industrial setting.

The ice storage BINS are an indispensable element in order to produce large amounts of ice. An adequate storage bin avoids problems of space, saves work and money and guarantees an abundant stock. We have a wide range of storage bins to adapt to any ITV ice machine and to respond to all requirements. The BINS help you remove the ice, avoiding spills. Additionally, the transfer of ice is three times faster, which saves time and work.

- Anodized aluminium external strip, available in black, silver or gold
- Independent access to condensing unit without touching food space
- Curved safety glass tempered, lifts up to remove for cleanning
- EASYCLEAN TRAYS SYSTEM ®, in stainless steel without drains, usually non hygienics
- GN 1/3 x 40mm trays included inside all tray models
- LED lighting



Once completed their useful life, all ITV machines must be treated as WEEE.
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