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The SUPER STAR range responds to the demand of large-sized cubes, especially in the Night Club market. With this objective, the SUPER STAR machines base their productivity on simple and agile maintenance (structure of four autonomous columns), anti-limescale system (elastic shower) and frontal ventilation. To accurately control the production, two separate thermostats help regulate both the production time and the amount of ice stored. A cleaning switch allows water to circulate without the need to connect the cold, which facilitates perfect system cleaning.

The SUPER STAR model is low-counter, and does not lose productivity when it’s built-in. The door, made of stainless steel, has a dampening system patented by ITV. Standard equipment includes: ON/OFF switch; connection of water inlet; drainage; shovel to pick up the ice; Shuko cable connection; two mechanical filters. Ideal for the typical tube-glass drinks in massive environments, although not all glass widths support the use of this cube. It is not recommended for Premium drinks.

Maquina de Hielo Super Star




Creation: Directly in the glass
Type of Glass: Snifter glass
Frozen mango puree (60gr.)
Pineapple syrup (1cl.)
Lime juice (1cl.)
Passion fruit juice (2cl.)
White Cuban rum (4cl.)
. Mix and serve directly in the glass
. Decorate with a pineapple slice