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Quick to produce cubes that cool the drink at full speed (in seconds the drink is cold). The SPIKA ITV range responds to the needs of fast-food establishments with machines ideal for large consumption of ice. The ARHI certification guarantees maximum energy efficiency. A special switch enables easy and rapid cleaning. SPIKA machines are presented in under the counter versions (New Generation technology), or in modules with the option of stacking them and duplicating production in the same space. SPIKA machines are vertical evaporating, with the water distributor patented by ITV which produces ice in the form of 
dice and half dice.
The oversized condenser is optimal for warm climates in both versions (cooling by air and by water). The manufacturing system is simple, reliable, and suitable for chalky areas and difficult working conditions. In both versions it is manufactured in 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz and 115V/60Hz. The SPIKA range produces the piece of ice in the form of dice or half dice; it is one of the best-known and most widely used cubes in the world. It cools drinks very quickly: the cooling ratio is close to the 100% mark. You can enjoy your drink in seconds.




Creation: Directly in the glass
Type of Glass: Medium-sized glass
1/3 Martini Rosso (4cl.)
1/3 Gin (4cl.)
1/3 Campari (4cl.)
Decoration: 1 or 2 orange peels
. Pour the ingredients in a medium-sized glass
. Add 7 SPIKA ice cubes
. Stir with a bar spoon
. Decorate with 1 or 2 orange peels