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Designed to produce ice in the most adverse conditions of water quality and in the least suitable sites, the QUASAR machines have an average life span of 18 years. The palette system makes electronics and water filters unnecessary. It produces a semi-hollow cube whose characteristic shape is compensated for, in order to achieve productive balance. The QUASAR machines are “tropicalized,” so that they can operate in countries with very high average temperatures. And thanks to the absence of thermostats, the QUASAR range also operates at very low temperatures.
The manufacturing design is simple, reliable and without electronics. The body is all AISI 304 stainless steel which can be easily dismantled, with a collapsible door towards the interior. In the two versions (cooling by air and by water) it is manufactured in 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz and 115V/60Hz. The range of QUASAR machines produces an unusually-shaped, can also be altered for convenience. The weight of the ice and the volume it displaces make up for the eyelet visible at one of its ends by ensuring maximum productivity.





Creation: Cocktail shaker
Type of Glass: Cocktail glass
1/3 Gin (4cl.)
1/3 de Martini Extra Dry (4cl.)
1/3 green cream of menthe (4cl.)
. Pour the ingredients into the cocktail shaker together with an abundant amount of QUASAR ice cubes (3-4 cubes)
. Shake for 15s
. Serve in a cocktail glass