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The PULSAR range is the Rolls-Royce of ice machines.  The turbine system, patented and applied exclusively by ITV, makes them unique in the world. Without pumps or injectors or electronics, its revolutionary propulsion system permanently removes the effects of water's limescale on the machine. The AISI304 stainless steel body, combined with bronze color anodized aluminum, make the PULSAR range the paradigm of design and robustness.
The testing of production and the tasks of cleaning and maintenance are much more simple due to the absence of showers
and sprinklers, water pumps or water seals. The turbine is responsible for watering the evaporator through impulsion. Standard equipment includes: High strength plastic barrel storage, polyurethane insulation injected "in situ"; very resistant door with patented ITV dampers (except P25 and 35); motor turbine for continuous service. The PULSAR range machines produce the cube of greatest consumption with outstanding productivity and security, in addition to endowing the pieces of ice with a standard characteristic of purity and finishing.  





Creation: Directly in the glass
Type of Glass: Low, wide glass
1/8 vanilla vodka (1cl. ), 1/8 Zubrowka (1cl.)
1/8 apple liqueur (1cl. ), 1/8 blue curaçao (1cl.)
4/8 Bombay Sapphire gin (4cl.)
1 small bottle of tonic
. Pour the ingredients, 7 PULSAR ice cubes and the small bottle of tonic in a low, wide glass.
. Separately, pour the ingredients, except for the tonic, in a mixing glass, along with an abundant amount of PULSAR ice
. Stir for 15s
. Serve the cocktail and the tonic over the ice with extreme care
. Decorate with 2 or 3 slices star fruit and a stirrer