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The SCALA machine, which produces flat flakes that are very cold and dry, in large-scale production, is the most compact on the market. Simplicity, functionality and competitiveness sustain its recognised prestige in the world of cold production equipment. Its construction with non-corrosive, lightweight and high strength materials ensures durability and ease of maintenance. The machine is designed to reduce maintenance operations, guaranteeing its useful life and extending its longevity. All of ITV’s experience in the world of refrigeration and ice applied to the design of the SCALA for use in more industrial setting.. 
The SCALA range is the safest and most profitable option for chilling perishable foods; food transformation processes; sanitary healthcare; agriculture and distribution; zoos and theme parks; fish farms; fish, baking and meat industries, etc. The SCALA machines’ operation is based on a static cylinder which is free from swivel joints (helical reamer) coupled with a milling tool that detaches the ice without any strained or forced movements. Whenever producing large quantities of ice for industrial use, the SCALA range of machines maintain an excellent standard of quality throughout the manufacturing process.





















. Electronic stop system
. Electrical control panel
. Direct drive gear motor
. Submerged pump
. Low water level safety device
. Stainless steel soleplate evaporator
. Expanded polyurethane insulation
. Centered bearing
. Ice deflection tray
. Homogeneous water distributor
. Controller to detect: low water level; rotation in the opposite direction; temperature increase due to an overloaded motor, or due to overfull storage.