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Delta Max

Delta Max machines produce a new solid and crystalline gourmet cube, with a more modern design that allows us to differentiate from the more classic cubes. In addition, it stands out for its large size of 40 g, adapting to the current demand of the catering industry.

The DELTA MAX range incorporates the new R290 gas cooling system, which improves machine efficiency and has an IN-OUT front ventilation system that allows recessed installation. In addition, thanks to its solid structure in 4 autonomous columns, it greatly facilitates both the maintenance and the operations of the specialists.

Delta Max ice machines also feature the ITV patented elastic shower system, preventing lime scale by vibration. It incorporates a cleaning button that allows recirculating the water with the descaler without the need for refrigeration.

The body of this model is of AISI 304 stainless steel and has the strongest door on the market, with an ITV patented opening and damping system.

(*) The working conditions of the machines are for water with a hardness of between 15ºF and 40ºF. For water outside these parameters and especially in the case of hard water with a high lime content, filters or descaling systems are required.


Máquina de Hielo Delta

40 Gr.

Máquina de Hielo Delta
Máquina de Hielo Delta


Creation: Directly in the glass
Type of Glass: Wide or medium-sized glass
6 cl of Prosecco
4 cl of Aperol
1 cl of Soda

Decoration: 1 orange slice



. Pour the ingredients and finish filling the glass with soda.
. Stir with a bar spoon
. Add the DELTA MAX ice cubes
. Decorate with an orange slice

Maquina de Hielo Delta