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The DELTA machines present a solid internal structure that greatly facilitates both maintenance and specialist intervention, thanks to its characteristic design of four independent columns. The elastic shower system, patented by ITV, prevents limescale. The frontal in-out system guarantees perfect ventilation. 
The DELTA range incorporates a control panel (at the top, to facilitate access) that houses two separate thermostats to precisely regulate both the production time and the amount of ice stored. A cleaning switch allows water to circulate without any need to connect the cooling, which enables perfect system cleaning.

The DELTA model, with injection pump technology in its under-the counter models, does not lose productivity when it’s built-in. The door is very tough and has a damping system patented by ITV. The body is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and the EASI concept allows for dismantling with the help of a single screwdriver. 
Standard equipment includes: ON/OFF switch; connection of water inlet; drainage; scoop to pick up the ice; Schuko cable connection; two mechanical filters. 90% of the hospitality industry has made a commitment to this cube. It keeps the drink cool for longer without meting and is suitable for any type of glass. Recommended for Premium drinks.

Máquina de Hielo Delta



Creation: Directly in the glass
Type of Glass: Wide or medium-sized glass
1 dash of grenadine
1 glass of white tequila (4cl.)
Orange juice (12cl.)
Decoration: 1 or 2 orange peels
. Pour the tequila and the juice in the glass
. Stir with a bar spoon
. Add the DELTA ice cubes
. Pour a dash of grenadine down one side of the glass
. Decorate with an orange slice