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ITV Ice Makers

ITV was founded in 1981. Today, ITV is a leading and prestigious company in the hospitality industry. Our products has been introduced to new markets, to create a commercial network around the world, which is continuously being enlarged. This effort has allowed us to position us as an international renowned brand which remains at the top of the technological field. 


Our company’s philosophy of family origin differentiates itself  by pursuing the goal of building long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors. Furthermore, identifying, understanding, and meeting their needs also plays a very important part. By sticking to the R&D investment policy, ITV has slowly increased their number of resources devoted to the growth and improvement of the production and company’s management systems. 

The seven values of ITV


1. CUSTOMER AND RESULTS ORIENTATION: We offer quality products and services that are competitive and reliable. Focused on customer needs. Bringing profitability to your business. We are committed to building an honest and long-lasting relationship.


2. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We don't settle for doing things right just once. Our processes and our service are improved daily to give the best to our customers. Our goal is excellence.


3. INNOVATION: We have an innovative spirit. Our products are constantly becoming more efficient and performing better. They adapt to what customers need to maximize the value we offer.


4. DYNAMISM: ITV is a dynamic, agile company that adapts quickly to changes in the environment. We are a shared project. We are growth. We are global


5. SUSTAINABILITY: We consider sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of our products, from design to disposal. We work to make them more energy efficient and reduce our environmental footprint.


6. COMMITMENT TO SOCIETY: We act with integrity, transparency and honesty towards society in general, our clients and our employees. We know that suppliers play an important role in our business, so we ask them to make the same commitments.


7. COMMITMENT TO OUR EMPLOYEES: We work every day to create a positive, collaborative and respectful work environment. We commit ourselves to continuous training, polyvalence and poly-competence. We believe in teamwork, cooperation and communication.