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In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 on Information Society and E-Commerce Services, you are hereby informed that this website is the property of ITV ICE MAKERS S.L.

ITV is a trade name of ITV ICE MAKERS S.L.



ITV ICE MAKERS S.L.. is registered in the Commercial Registry of Valencia: Volume 993, Book 621, Section 3, Page 200, and Sheet 6239

Registered business address: Pol. Ind. La Reva C/ Hostalers, 2 - 46190-Ribarroja (Valencia-Spain)

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All the contents (text and images) of this website are property of ITV and are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

The user is only entitled to private use thereof, and needs permission of ITV to modify, reproduce, exploit, distribute and, in particular, market said content or make use of any right belonging to the owner.

In the event that this website is considered to have breached any regulation on intellectual and industrial property rights or other rights, please notify us so that we can remedy any such violation, if applicable.


By making this website available to users, we want to offer a whole range of services and quality contents, using the utmost diligence in the provision of said services and contents as well as in the technological means used. However, we shall not be held liable for the presence of viruses or of any other item that might in any way damage the user’s computer system, documents and files.

ITV does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or validity of the contents of the website, whether ITV’s or others’, or links to other websites, remaining completely exonerated of any liability for the use thereof.

ITV does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website in terms of availability and operational continuity. To the extent possible, we will aim to inform users of any service disruption and correct it as soon as possible. Nevertheless, ITV is exempted from any liability arising from improper functioning or interruptions of its website.

Users accept full liability for their use of our website, and they are solely responsible for any direct or indirect effect that may ensue for the website, including, but not limited to, any adverse economic, technical or legal consequences as well as any disappointment of the expectations raised by our site. In this regard, users are committed to maintain ITV free of any claim arising, directly or indirectly, from causes described in this paragraph.

All matters relating to our website shall be exclusively governed by Spanish law. In the event that there is any discrepancy or difference between the parties regarding the interpretation and content of this website, all parties hereby expressly waive any other jurisdiction and submit themselves to the courts and tribunals of Valencia.

PLEASE NOTE: These General Terms of Use have been established to date 01/01/2007. We may at any time make changes to these terms; therefore, please check the issue date each time you connect to our website in order to make sure that no changes have been made that could affect you.

For any questions regarding the Terms of Use of our website, please contact us at the address and phone number listed.


Access to our website by the user is free and subject to the prior reading and express acceptance, without reservation, of these TERMS OF USE at the time of access; therefore, please read them carefully. If the user does not agree with these terms of use, he or she is advised to refrain from using this site or operating on it.

Through our website we offer information on ITV as well as on our internet-related services, without this representing any professional, commercial or labour relationship with the user.

We are entitled to change at any time the appearance and structure of our website, or even remove it from the internet, as well as the services and contents provided, unilaterally and without prior notice.

The terms of use of our website shall be exclusively governed by the applicable Spanish law and will oblige all users, either of Spanish or foreign nationality.


Access to our website is free and requires no subscription or registration for its use. However, in order to be able to place an order via website for the services provided by ITV, users need to subscribe and will be asked to accept the general sales terms that apply to the services to be provided. These services will be properly identified on the site with easy instructions on the procedures to follow for subscription and acceptance.

Users must access our website in good faith and in accordance with the standards of public order, the present general terms and conditions of use, and, when necessary, the specific conditions of use that may be applicable. Access to our website is at the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user, who will respond in any case of the damages caused to third parties or to ourselves.

Users are expressly prohibited from using and obtaining the services and content offered on this website through procedures other than those stipulated in these terms of use, and, where applicable, in the specific conditions governing the acquisition of certain services.

Taking into account the impossibility of controlling the information, content and services contained in other websites which can be accessed by links (site links, banners, buttons, search engines, etc.) from our website, we hereby state that ITV is exempted from any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from the use of such external websites by the user, who is advised to read the legal notice governing every website.

It is expressly forbidden the introduction of hyperlinks on web pages outside our company, which allow access to our website, without prior consent of ITV. In any event, the existence of hyperlinks on websites other than ours shall not imply the existence of marketing or trading relationships with the owner of the website where the hyperlink is established, nor the acceptance or approval of ITV of its content or services. 


ITV les comunica que, con el fin de informarles de nuestra empresa, así como de nuestros servicios prestados, y remitirles información comercial, nos han de suministrar datos de carácter personal que serán objeto de tratamiento informatizado e incorporados a nuestros ficheros (bases de datos). Asimismo, le informamos que todos los datos son tratados conforme la Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales 15/1999, y que nuestros ficheros están legalmente inscritos en el Registro General de Datos Personales.

ITV como responsable de sus correspondientes ficheros, considera que cuando usted acepta enviar sus datos personales a través de formularios o bien, mediante correo electrónico, nos está dando expresamente su autorización y consentimiento para el tratamiento e incorporación de dichos datos a nuestros ficheros que correspondan, si bien con carácter revocable y sin efectos retroactivos, y acepta las condiciones del tratamiento expresadas a continuación.

Los datos que le solicitamos son los adecuados, pertinentes y estrictamente necesarios para la finalidad por la que se recogen, y en ningún caso está obligado facilitárnoslos, no obstante, son absolutamente necesarios para poder llevar a cabo los servicios que le ofrecemos.

Nuestra página Web, le puede solicitar sus datos personales mediante las opciones de contacto, correo electrónico, así como mediante los formularios de contratación de nuestros servicios. Sus datos serán incluidos en nuestros ficheros de clientes o comercial, dependiendo de si usted contrata nuestros servicios, o solicita información comercial.

ITV, se reserva el derecho de decidir la incorporación o no de sus datos personales a sus ficheros.

En cualquier momento tiene derecho a acceder gratuitamente a nuestros ficheros para consultar sus datos, rectificarlos si son erróneos o han variado y cancelarlos si no desea seguir incorporado a ellos. Puede comunicarnos el derecho que desee ejercer, en los términos establecidos legalmente, dirigiéndose a ITV -Responsable Protección de Datos- Pol. Ind. La Reva C/ Hostalers, 2 - 46190-Ribarroja (Valencia-España) .

ITV, le informa que sus datos son tratados confidencialmente y son utilizados exclusivamente de manera interna y para las finalidades indicadas. Por lo tanto, no cedemos ni comunicamos a ningún tercero tus datos, salvo que el usuario nos lo autorice expresamente, que sean necesarios para la prestación del servicio contratado, o en los casos legalmente previstos.

Es importante que para que podamos mantener sus datos personales actualizados, nos informe siempre que haya habido alguna modificación en ellos, en caso contrario, no respondemos de la veracidad de los mismos. Asimismo, nos certifica que todos los datos que Usted nos facilita son ciertos y pertinentes para la finalidad por la que se los solicitamos.

Consideramos que si no cancela sus datos personales expresamente de nuestros ficheros, continua interesado en seguir incorporado a los mismos hasta que ITV lo considere oportuno y mientras sea adecuado a la finalidad por la que se obtuvieron.

Esta página Web no utiliza cookies, ni cualquier otro medio de captación de hábitos de navegación de los usuarios.

ITV en respuesta a la confianza depositada en nosotros y teniendo en cuenta la importancia en materia de protección y confidencialidad que requieren sus datos personales, les informa que ha adoptado todas las medidas de índole técnica y organizativa necesarias para salvaguardar la seguridad de los mismos tal como exige el Real Decreto 994/1999 que regula el reglamento de medidas de seguridad de los ficheros automatizados que contengan datos de carácter personal. Ello no obstante, el usuario debe ser consciente de que las medidas de seguridad en internet no son inexpugnables.

ITV puede modificar las presentes políticas de privacidad para adaptarlas a las medidas legislativas o jurisprudenciales sobre datos personales que vayan apareciendo, por lo que exige su lectura, cada vez que nos facilite sus datos a través de esta Web.

ITV no se responsabiliza del tratamiento de sus datos personales de las páginas web a las que pueda acceder a través de los distintos links que contiene nuestra página.