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ITV chosen as finalist in the Hostelco Awards 2016

The “Kitchen Ice” machine of ITV Ice Makers was chosen as a finalist in the “Hostelco Awards” in the best product design category. The awards, given by Fira Barcelona in the context of the Hostelco 2016 trade show, rewarded not only the product’s originality but also its innovative design.

The “Kitchen Ice” machine of ITV Ice Makers is undoubtedly a triumph in state-of-the-art design. It is a built-in ice machine that is easy to use and operate which, thanks to its innovative design, seamlessly integrates into the area where it is placed.

Small in size with low consumption, it has its own condensation system and specific electronics, and is capable of producing 10 kg of ice per day. One of its most remarkable features is its energy efficiency, with great performance at minimal consumption.

Its size is similar to that of standard home appliances and it has been designed to be easy to clean and space saving wherever its location. It is the perfect blend of product functionality and sophisticated design.
This machine is ideal for hotel suites or kitchens of people who know how to appreciate quality and design in home appliances.