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David Casinos visited ITV Ice Makers a few months ago to find out the company’s commitment to sport and was so impressed that he has dedicated part of his triumph to the company: “I dedicate the medal firstly to my daughter Cayetana, my wife Celia and all my family. To the people that follow me, and to my  partnerships and sponsors, proyecto FER, Liberty Seguros, Herbolario Navarro, DAS Audio, ITV Ice Makers, Diputación de Valencia, Levante UD and to Moncada, my town".

During his visit to the production plant, David explained to employees his history of overcoming adversity and how he managed to meet the challenges of his life after losing his sight.

According to Cristina Cordón, “David  is an example for all of us; he represents effort, personal improvement and enthusiasm which are the values that we want to convey each day in our company”. For his part, David has explained that “it was undoubtedly a huge pleasure to dedicate to ITV part of the medal that he won in Grosseto for a simple reason: because ITV flew on that discus”.