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The Spanish Paralympic athlete, David Casinos, winner of four gold medals, visited ITV Ice Makers to discover the company's commitment to sport.
During his tour of the production plant, David explained to employees his story of personal triumph and how he has managed to meet life's challenges after losing his sight.

David was working at Ford when he went blind, so beginning a stage in his life in which he had to adapt to a new situation. He started to sell lottery tickets, but it was sport that really motivated him.

Now what is most important to David is being a good father. He has a two-year-old daughter to look after, conveying to her that you can always achieve what you set out to do.
During the visit, David commented that ice has been present in the most important moments of his life, as he uses it whenever he trains hard to face a sporting challenge.

“Ice is the most effective natural anti-inflammatory there is, I use it to prevent and treat injuries”, David explained to the company CEO, Cristina Cordón.

David, one of the most successful Paralympians and with the most gold medals in Spanish sport, toured the facilities, stopping at various points and chatting with employees. “I was able to discover the closeness transmitted by workers and their affection for the company; these are ITV's roots, they work as a family”, he said.

According to Cristina Cordón, “David Casinos is an example for all of us, he represents effort, self-improvement and enthusiasm which are the values that we want to convey every day in our company”.