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ITV Ice Makers has received the award for Best Innovative Project at the Innovation Club of the Valencian Community Awards which were held during the Night of Innovation. ITV has been awarded for the development of the Delta Max together with the change of refrigerant to R290. 

This new range of Delta Max machines that ITV has launched to the market produces a new solid and crystalline gourmet cube, with a more modern design and totally different from the rest of the existing cubes in the market. In addition, it stands out for its large size of 40gr, adapting to the current demand of the catering market.

The DELTA MAX range incorporates a new cooling system with R290 gas, which improves the efficiency of the machine and has an IN-OUT front ventilation system that allows for built-in installation. 

At ITV Ice Makers we have been committed from the beginning, almost forty years ago, to developing our own technology and the new challenges only confirm how right it was to adopt this business philosophy. It is precisely because of this ability to adapt to the constant changes in technology and the market that I believe we can look to the future with hope and respond appropriately to its new challenges.

Juan Carlos Sanz, General Manager of ITV Ice Makers, with the award for Best Innovative Project.

Premios a la innovación del CICV

Los Premios a la Innovación tienen como objetivos contribuir a que las empresas y organizaciones participantes tomen la innovación como un elemento esencial de su estrategia y de su gestión, fomentar que la innovación sea abordada con arreglo a modelos y sistemas estructurados, que ayuden a la mejora de la competitividad y servir como instrumento de prestigio y reconocimiento del propio Club Innovación.

 El Club, fundado en 1992, cuenta con sesenta socios, y tiene como misión contribuir a la mejora de la competitividad de sus miembros, a través del aprendizaje de buenas prácticas de innovación y gestión, con los eventos y actividades que organiza. La visión es convertirse en un referente de la gestión de la innovación.

 Cristina Cordón, Presidenta de ITV Ice Makers recogió el premio: