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ITV Ice Makers bets on the use of ecological refrigerants, in its commitment to lead the manufacture of environmentally friendly products and betting on sustainable growth. 

What are the advantages of natural refrigerants?

    · These are naturally occurring substances.
    · More economical and environmentally friendly refrigerants
    · Does not damage the ozone layer 
    · They have practically zero impact on global warming. 
    · Excellent energy efficiency
    · Good compatibility with components.


What are the advantages of the NEW ITV R290 ice machines?

     · ECO-GAS: R290 natural gas with a very low global warming potential that also reduces energy consumption.

     · LIFETIME-MACHINE: the R290 refrigerant is a permanent ecological alternative in the long term.

     · POWER-SAVE: low energy consumption, higher efficiency.

     · SILENT-SYSTEM: lower working pressure and lower machine noise.

     · SMART-PERFORMANCE: maintains better performance in hot or poorly condensed conditions.

     · ECO-AIR: ventilation system 38% more efficient than other configurations.

     · ELECTRONIC SELF-CONTROL SYSTEM: total control of the machine by electronic board:

                Optimized and flexible for each machine
                Alarm management and signating
                 Optimization of cube take-off